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Film and movie distribution consulting provided by QILISHOW STUDIO offers valuable information for cases related to film production, intellectual property, international sales, gap financing, film acquisition, business operations, business development, filmmaking, new media, entertainment law, copyright, trademark, film marketing, production resources, and other entertainment and business-related issues. These areas may become highly relevant in the event of a film and movie distribution lawsuit.

The film distribution industry is growing, and more distributors are setting up their businesses to take advantage of the expected growth in available products. Distributors range from broadcaster-owned companies and larger independent companies to smaller niche players.

Securing a distribution deal before the production of a feature film is a major advantage when raising finance, as it demonstrates the availability of a route to market for the film. Feature film distribution differs from television in that the best way to reach distributors is often by appointing a sales agent who handles the film's distribution in territories and liaises with distributors in those territories. The sales agent attends festivals and markets and sells the film in exchange for a commission based on a percentage of the money earned from the deal with distributors.

Choosing the right distributor for your product depends on weighing up the financial deal on offer with the likelihood that the distributor can deliver by making the product available to meet demand, has good industry contacts (including international contacts, if appropriate), and generally has expertise. It is always worthwhile to ask for the distributor's catalogue of programs and visit them at film and television markets to get a feel for the type of work they deal with and how much of a presence they have. Remember that smaller niche players may have the specific contacts you need for your particular program, even if they do not have a general brand name.