Film Pitch Deck, Script Formatting, Script Breakdown, Script Translation, Storyboard

Nowadays, it takes more than just coming up with effective loglines, catchy taglines and intriguing summaries to pitch your screenplay and turn your great film idea into a reality. To convey your vision as closely as possible to what you have in mind, you need a professional Pitch Package.

During pre-production, we use the latest industry-favorite production software like Movie Magic Budgeting, Movie Magic Scheduling, and Final Draft. These software are highly flexible and allow us to create and edit comprehensive budgets and schedules of all sizes for all types of productions. Our team of MBA and CIMA background film experts also refine your feature film package, which makes it investor-ready.

Storyboards are essential to raising the visual bar of your project. Projects that include a storyboard are less likely to have miscommunication during pre-production and production. Our artists use high-end software like FrameForge, Moviestorm, and Adobe InDesign, among others. This software allows us to define exact equipment specifications for dollies and cranes, precise lighting, calculations for sun positioning, reports and more.