Budget Top Sheet, Detailed Budget Report,Shooting Schedule,Cast Day out of Days etc.

To create a successful budget, it is essential to include thorough details with accurate numbers. The more line items in the budget, the more realistic it will be in representing all script elements, and the time and money required to complete the project.

We can provide Line Producer support to help package your project, whether it's a feature film or TV drama series. Here's how the process works:

1. Introductory consultation: We'll discuss the specific project requirements either in person, by phone or via Zoom. This will help us understand your overall needs.

2. Script review and budget notes: We'll read your script, draft initial budget notes and flag any concerns if need be.

3. Script breakdown and shooting schedule: We'll create a comprehensive script breakdown and outline the shooting schedule to serve the budget.

4. Draft budget: Once the shooting schedule is agreed upon, we'll generate a draft budget for you to review and make comments.

5. Real-time budget read-through: We'll examine all inputted line items and make appropriate adjustments through a Skype or Zoom call.

6. Final budget: We'll generate a final budget that you are satisfied with the overall costings and confident that you have a thorough understanding of the time and money required to deliver the script to screen.

Timeline: After our initial phone/Skype consultation, the process from reading the script to delivering a signed-off budget takes between two to three weeks, depending on the budget scale of the project.

Budget Detail: We use the industry-standard professional software, 'Entertainment Partners - Movie Magic Budgeting', to create a budget that includes the following elements:

- Above-The-Line Fees (Producer, Director, Writer, Cast)

- Cast Union Rates/Non-Union Rates

- Crew Rates

- Production Expenses

- Location Fees And Expenses

- Equipment Hire Costs

- Materials - Art / Costume / Hair & Makeup

- Music Composition / Rights Usage

- Travel/Transport/Living Costs

- Over-Time Calculations

- Post Production Costs For Picture and Sound

- Insurance and Deliverables

- Completion Bond, Financing and Contingency Fees

- Deliverables