QILISHOW STUDIO is an award-winning Film studio based in London since 2017. We are focusing on Film Budget, Schedule, Copyright and Film London services. We looking to package, develop and produce your film project. We build a plan to bring your creative vision to the screen successfully. We are reliable and creative.

If you're looking for assistance with film budgeting, scheduling, copyright, and Film London services, call QILISHOW STUDIO. Our founder Kelly is an award-winning producer with extensive experience in the entertainment industry. Her expertise in creating accurate and effective film budgets, schedules, and agent services is unparalleled.

At QILISHOW STUDIO, we offer consultancy services that guide our clients in starting, saving, and growing their films while ensuring economic viability and building capacity. Our team is committed to providing global support, no matter where you intend to shoot in London.
QILISHOW STUDIO collaborates with artists and studios, utilising new technologies to deliver delightful experiences to clients. We ensure transparency and accountability in your film projects.
QILISHOW STUDIO comprises a team of highly skilled professionals who can efficiently manage tasks ranging from film project management in London to liaising with UK authorities. We are dedicated to making London a welcoming place for production.
QILISHOW STUDIO specialises in managing film copyrights and has extensive experience in assisting content owners and digital distributors. Our team collaborates closely with each film, devising tailored marketing and public relations strategies to ensure our clients attain the highest possible exposure and revenue.